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[Updated - January 2019]

I started jampaw.com in 2006, as a personal endeavor -- I needed a directory to mobile-useful and mobile-usable Web sites that worked on my relatively simple mobile phone. I invested limited weekend time, outside of my job as CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium, building a simple directory of sites that I found useful and usable on a simple mobile , pre-smart, phone. I add new sites as I discover them and when I have time.

The most important metric was:

Accordingly, I erred here toward small pages (except this one) and the use of access keys, instead of larger pages with more content that requires a lot of scrolling.

The later arrival of the iPhone, Androids, and smarter-phones made all of this unnecessary. OUr work at W3C helped drive the mobile Web.

Some things I had planned to do include:

Consider this a little piece of Bratt history!


Steve Bratt

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